Printing & Production.

Digital Printing Services in Dubai.

Our customers come back to us regularly for creative support, brochure printing, catalogue reworking and printing, label creation and printing, digital printing, exclusive artworks. We offer services like 3d trophy printing, label printing, brochure printing, catalogue printing, custom t shirt printing, uniform printing, fabric printing, and embroidery printing services in Dubai. Your brand is not just a logo or a website or a business card. It is an experience. It is your business’s identity; it’s how you want the public to see you.

Printing Services in Dubai

REA Advertising, printing services, and design consulting in Dubai, UAE, we provide all of our customers’ requirements under a single roof. Companies can rely on us for their printing services in Dubai like, catalog printing, model making, CAD/CGI, and product design needs. As a Dubai-based company, we aim to serve the whole of the Middle East with all digital printing and design projects.

REA Advertising offers printing services for Architects, Developers, Designers, Medical, Oil and Gas, and Engineers. As we serve with a wide range of printing services, professional designers, and a dedicated team, we try our best to satisfy your printing needs in Dubai, UAE. We offer different kinds of printing services in Dubai

  • Custom T Shirt Printing
  • Personalized T Shirts Printing
  • Uniform Printing
  • Fabric Printing
  • Label Printing Service
  • Brochure Printing
  • Catalogue Printing
  • Embroidery Printing
  • 3d Trophy Printing

Making Ideas Happen. Effectively.

Printing and Production do more than communicating a message about your products and services. It communicates about your brand. The elements of your printed pieces, are tactile media, sending a strong message, and building a physical connection with consumers. The Internet of Things may be turning everything around us into a hive of connected virtual activity, but print affords us the chance to savour beautiful things in all their color-rich, high-resolution glory.

REA Advertising, being one of the best printing and production companies in UAE, ensure you with completely customized printing services in Dubai. Our reliable production services in Dubai make the timely production and supply of your deliverables possible. Your organization’s image is how your clients or prospects view you and, more importantly, how they interact with you. REA Advertising, being one of the best printing companies in Dubai will work with you to develop creative ways to communicate your brand and distribute it through the business’s marketing collaterals; they’re the footprint that your business leaves behind.

We have the ability to produce almost any branded print material for you and your team at exceptionally competitive pricing. Just ask us!

Through REA Advertising, we wanted to bring the best digital printing and design service to Dubai, UAE. We have the vision to lead the digital printing revolution from Dubai to service the UAE, the Middle East, and eventually the world.
Being featured as a leading provider of printing services, who uses the latest printing technology, REA Advertising leads the printing market in Dubai. Join us on this journey and use our exceptional printing services in Dubai, to create a business impact on the world. Our company deploys digital printing technology in a wide variety of industries. Ever since we established, we have been focusing on brochure printing in Dubai and, now we are focusing on printing across the globe.

REA Advertising focuses on bringing large scale brochure printing in Dubai. We understand the need to deliver quality projects promptly, and at a fair price as we focus on client satisfaction.

Our label printing company in Dubai believes that industries will benefit from digital printing in their marketing, catalog printing, designing, engineering, prototyping, or planning phases of their projects. Few of our clients include Government entities, engineering consultancies, architects, oil and gas companies, and aerospace companies. Our high quality and cutting-edge products, along with our wide range of materials and automatic software, ensure that you get what’s best for your business.
We’re changing the way we create things and freeing ourselves from design constraints as one of the best printing companies in Dubai.

We aim at collaborating with distinct leading companies to enable the most efficient manufacturing techniques and the latest technologies for an echo system that could adapt to a wide range of industries in Dubai and the Middle East. Get in touch with us if you need an order for a production run of parts!

Digital Printing Services in Dubai.

Range of Printing & Production Services that work together to help give your products and brand the distinctive edge:

Offset Printing

Digital Printing

3d Printing

Metallic & Specialty Finishes Printing

Large Format Printing

Silk Screen Printing

UV Printing

Doming Epoxy

Embossing/ Debossing


Pad Printing

Laser Engraving

Binding & Finishing


The default paper color for printing is usually white, so it is typically unnecessary to use white ink but if you are using colored paper and a graphic or image requires white, then opaque white ink may certainly be used.

RGB stands for Red, Green, and Blue. This scale is most commonly used in monitors, televisions, scanners, and digital cameras. CMYK is cyan, magenta, yellow, and black – “full-color printing”. When you combine all RGB light it creates white, whereas CMYK creates black. Subsequently, it is impossible for a printer to exactly reproduce a color that we see on our monitors. If possible, we recommend converting images or graphics in RGB to CMYK yourself, so you can adjust any changes before files are given to the printing company.

Because the ink and toner mediums are different, the printed piece may have a slightly different result. Even though both types of printing use CMYK, the rasterization processes are different, which cause variations in color. In addition, if the file contains RGB elements, the different methods will produce varying results.

A digital press uses CMYK toners, so when a Pantone color is chosen, the press finds the closest possible match using the Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. Often times, the closest match is fine but if it’s a metallic ink or fluorescent color, the end result is noticeably different.

The primary coating choices are varnishes, aqueous coatings, and UV coatings. Each coating has its advantages and disadvantages and choosing which one is right for you largely depends on what you are printing as well as what type of paper you are printing on. Contact one of our printing experts to help you choose the best coating for your project.