Get Ready for the New Year’s Eve Party

New Year’s Eve is the most promising day of the year. New Year’s Eve, December 31st, is always the day of choice to celebrate last year and celebrate the arrival of the New Year. But what is the origin of the New Year, and how did the tradition of New Year’s Eve and the party dedicated to the first day of the New Year (which varies from country to country) form?

The New Year, intended as the first day of the year, was born in the distant 46 BC by the hand of the Roman Republic Gaius Julius Caesar, who promulgated the Julian calendar, based on the cycle of the seasons. In Roman times this day was dedicated to the celebrations in honour of the father of the gods Janus. In the past, the countries of Europe and the world had various dates that indicated the New Year. Still, with the passing of the centuries, these local diversities had become increasingly uniform, especially after 1691, when Pope Innocent XII established that the year should begin on January 1st.

There are many New Year celebration traditions all over the world. Many used to make good New Year resolutions. The superstitious rites are performed as a sign of good luck and attract luck and wealth, throw old objects out of the window, eat lentils, pomegranates, raisins, kiss your loved one under the mistletoe. These so far mentioned are the major traditions throughout the world. But all these traditions have one thing in common- every year worldwide, preparations are in full swing for New Year’s Eve: balls, evenings, celebrations usually overlap on December 31st.

What is Event Management?

Event management encompasses everything from the planning to the execution of your event. For the event to run smoothly, you need to be attentive to every little task and detail right from the start. It starts with the speakers/influencers you want to invite, finding sponsors, sending invitations to your contact lists to ensure you have the best hosts and hostesses handling registrations and keeping guests happy.

Event management is a complex and articulated tool that requires organized planning, management and coordination of different skills and creativity. To succeed in an event, you need to master several activities, as shown below, which lead to the importance of successful corporate event management Dubai.

Let’s see why event management is so important.

Pre Event:

  • Set up all the strategic planning activities, from the identification of a concept and objectives to the planning and management of all the basic elements and the necessary logistical contents (positioning, period, duration, market, location, schedule, resources, and investments, expected results) to put into practice the realization of the event.
  • Involve all interested parties and act according to a well-defined organization to better define all the activities to be managed.
  • Generate engagement through communication and promotion.

During the Event:

  • Focus on onsite management and coordination.
  • Create an active experience.
  • Create actions that aim to increase the number of guests and stimulate interactions during the event.

Post Event:

  • Stimulate memory and loyalty by disseminating results.
  • Consolidate relationships with participants.
  • Create report and verification actions.
  • Analyze results.

Each corporate event is a reality in its own right, which achieves the hoped-for success only when it obtains customer and public satisfaction and achieves the set objectives within the foreseen times and methods.

Only by turning to professional corporate event management companies in Dubai, who will understand your goal and transform it into emotion through the senses, will it be possible to value the experiences and make them unique for your target.

How can an event management company organize the perfect New Year party?

The year 2021 is coming to an end, and the time for the traditional New Year’s reunion is looming. How can you organize your New Year’s Eve to celebrate while taking care of yourself and your loved ones in the current epidemic context?

It is useless to deny it; each of us has more or less excellent organizational skills. The talent of the organization is a quality that is always sought after. Some people are more or less good at organizing and planning, and in the course of life, people ​​are led to think that they can use this gift of themselves to set up practically anything.

This often gives rise to a fairly common mistake, namely the opinion of organizing everything from dinner with guests to various fun activities for your corporate New Year Eve. Nothing more wrong! It is no coincidence that professional agencies provide Event management services in Dubai and organize a prosperous New Year Eve organization and management. They can provide specific skills that those who do not deal with this profession cannot have.

So let’s see why it is important to rely on an Event management company in Dubai to organize your New Year Eve.

Choosing the right location for your New Year Eve- You can select a location that does not suit your needs, a service below your expectations or have to deal with non-competitive costs. Relying on the Best event management companies in Dubai that deals with this sector will help you protect yourself from any slips, adding an essential touch of quality to your event.

Effective time management- The first aspect that should not be underestimated is time. It is known very well that organizing something, even the most straightforward dinner with guests, is an action that takes a lot of time. Industry specialists know how to optimize the resource of time in the best possible way. The organization’s professionals are, in fact, able to better manage any situation, working with an approach based on problem-solving.

Handling the unexpected situations- When organizing the New Year Event, the unexpected is just around the corner. These unexpected events can turn into real nervous breakdowns, especially when you are not used to dealing with these situations. Nothing more wrong! If on the one hand, it is true that obviously, it is a choice that requires payment, on the other hand, it is also true that in this way you are sure not to have any nasty surprises. Accepting to pay an agency for Event management services in Dubai to take care of the New Year Eve organization means having your back covered. There will be no unexpected events which, as often happens, risk dramatically increasing the costs of your event.

As you know, preparing for an event like New Year Eve requires a lot of involvement, and this time can sometimes be difficult to find between the various daily tasks. This is why corporate event management companies in Dubai will support you in this organization and relieve your workload.

Do you have to organize a New Year Eve, and are you thinking of relying on professionals in the sector? You are doing the right thing! That’s why choosing a team of experts for your successful New Year party.