Branding / Re-Branding Conundrum

It is quite possible that your business has had longevity. But you get the sense that growth doesn’t seem to match the years of existence. Maybe it is the feeling that the brand is losing the sheen, probably the color palettes that served so long are dragging the brand and don’t seem to feel fresh and current. Despite the years of being around, maybe the business looks and feels outdated. Should these be the questions exercising your mind, be sure it’s time to explore if your branding is a good fit, for the times we are in.

Keeping up with the times is critical, for growth and sustainability, given the rapidly shifting design and technology trends. There is a need to adapt, or risk being left behind. Refreshing your brand identity and image is the first step towards bucking the stagnant feeling, turning around your business, and even accelerating growth. A complete brand overhaul, creating a new, modern brand identity could take on a sense of urgency especially when the competition has migrated also to the digital and social media space, with professionally designed brands. The failure to evolve the business brand could then become a critical mistake and might end up hurting your business – big time.

Brand identity represents everything visual about your company- the color, design, and the brand logo. They represent the business, the values, the strengths. They are among the first touchpoints of how the business presents itself and stands out in the mind of a prospective client or customer.

When starting a new business, business owners and entrepreneurs know that a robust business identity and everything visual about the company is critical. They also realize that these are deliberate choices to be made, not to be left to random chance elements. Some mistakenly believe the identity of their business is all about a name and logo. Again, for any brand, they surely are critical ambassadors and must be unique and strong but focus only on that could be under-investing in branding.

The primary purpose of a good brand communication strategy is to let the intended audiences know and appreciate what you do, why you do what you do and how you do it. The result is to establish the trust and credibility that is very vital for growth and sustainability. It is also important to be consistent to enable brand recall and engagement.

Corporate Rebranding as a strategy is all about making either comprehensive or even subtle changes to a corporate’s image by creating a new name, symbol, logo, and related visual and physical assets and marketing collaterals. What is then sought to be achieved is a fresh, new brand identity in the minds of prospects, employees, the general public, and even the competitors.

This could also mean changing outdoor and indoor signages and branding, creating new printing and production elements as also uniforms and apparel, designing corporate gifts. The idea is to consistently hit the target audience and across all customer touchpoints with the same message making the new strategy easily recognizable. People seeing your brand anywhere including physical locations, vehicle graphics and wrapping, websites and social media handles, point of purchase materials, packaging will then be able to engage and recall the new and fresh brand identity.

It does not matter if you are a new business or startup, selling an idea or service, promoting a new product, or a time-worn entity attempting to reboot, expand or accelerate. REA Advertising with her experienced and sensitive creative design team and years of brand management leadership can put together the right mix of comprehensive solutions that fits into your budget and gets you the desired reach and result. Be it the original first-time branding effort or a complete relook and rebrand strategy, we sure can give you the best fit solution you are looking for.