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Corporate Branding Services in UAE

Being one of the leading corporate branding agencies in Dubai, UAE, we, at REA believe in an immersive, collaborative design experience. It relies on an innate variety of thinking and experience. With time and experience, we have managed to become a well-known corporate branding company in Dubai.

Corporate branding sums up how customers perceive your business. Brand image is what customers think about your brand or the feeling they have about it. It’s the overall perception or impression of your brand that’s created through your message, brand awareness, and brand identity.

Brand identity also reinforces the existing reputation of your brand and requires complete consistency since it’s the first impression customers have of your business. A company of repute will have several deliverables with respect to its brand and services. While focusing on providing the best experiences for your customers, it is best to leave the branding and identity to expert branding agencies who consider this to be their core competency.

Storytelling has the incredible ability to connect people on a deep, emotional level. It brings us together as we feel empathy for one another, laugh together and relate to someone else. Figures and statistics are not as emotionally charged and interesting. People want to hear stories that are relatable and trigger feelings within them. The world is filled with buzzwords. Corporate identity sums up the story behind your brand and how your business presents itself – the visuals, template designs, brand colors, brand guidelines, and more. A corporate identity keeps your brand consistent and your content effective, which makes your brand more memorable.

Having a strong corporate identity tells prospects why they should do business with you rather than your competitors, and makes the benefits of your products or services crystal clear from the outset. In the world of marketing, brand storytelling can have a massive impact on your company and the following you receive. With so many competing brands out there, it is essential that you set yourself apart from the crowd, make yourself known and tell your brand story. A brand with a compelling story can connect with people in a way that draws them to you and gives you their loyalty.

The corporate design includes the brand assets that make your company unique and stand out from the competition. A brand’s company identity design is visually reflected in its logo, name, style guide, slogan, color palette, typography, uniforms, business cards, packaging, and more. Maintaining the corporate identity can be managed by creating a brand guideline manual. Consistency in following the brand identity guidelines in the way your business disseminates information to employees, investors, external stakeholders, and customers is also a key component to ensuring a strong corporate identity.

Creative Branding Agency Dubai

As a corporate branding agency in Dubai, UAE, REA Advertising stands for all that’s bright in business – collaboration, ambition, opportunity, and transformation. We help businesses start, grow, and thrive here – and feel passionate about enabling entrepreneurial dreams. No matter how extravagant. Our design collaboration entails a unique process in which creative teams transform an idea or a concept into a fully-fleshed out campaign or finished product. And in turn, you build a stronger brand and create powerful customer experiences.

It’s incredibly rare in business to offer something unique. So differentiation relies on your brand – it’s what you stand for that will resonate in people’s minds and separate you from the pack. Our corporate branding agency in Dubai, UAE has created and managed brands for some of the region’s most influential businesses.
People want to buy from, work for and invest in businesses that have a purpose that people can respect and relate to. REA Advertising help companies develop progressive visions, sustainable strategies, and cohesive cultures – all brought to life through purpose-led brands.

We, at REA Advertising, study your business brand architecture and help business units, products, and subsidiaries in communicating with your clients to achieve your goals. Unlocking your brand identity opens more doors than you can imagine. From a memorable logo that represents your organization or business to a visual language that captures your brand personality, we understand how your audiences perceive, understand, and recognize your brand.

A thorough understanding of the market in which you exist (including competitors, audiences, and benchmarks) combined with a robust brand strategy forms the foundation for a brand identity that is differentiated, relatable, and believable. Brand communication is an integral part of creating and maintaining a strong brand, and that has never been more true than it is in the post-pandemic world. As the top branding agency in Dubai, we know how effective brand communication strategies can be when done correctly.

Here at REA Advertising, we are a creative branding agency Dubai, advertising, and digital agency made up of thinkers, strategists, Dubai branding, designers, writers, and planners. We offer quality corporate branding services in Dubai. Our brand-building services in Dubai create things, name things, manage things, and design things. We like collaboration, enjoy working together, and love what we do. We believe in providing you only the best and, our portfolio justifies this statement. Every project we undertake is well researched before proposing solutions to our clients. Our team gives the same attention to every project, whether it is designing a logo or implementing 360-degree brand-building services in Dubai. 90% of our business comes from client referrals, which proves the quality of our work. What makes the difference for our clients is a combination of creative tactics and strategic thinking!!


Corporate Branding Services in UAE

Range of Corporate Branding Services that work together to help give your products and brand the distinctive edge:

Company Logo


Tagline or Slogan

Imagery and Graphics

Color Scheme

Tone of Voice


Marketing Collaterals

Photography, Videography

Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle Wrapping

Reports and Brochures


Brand Essentials and Visuals

Brand Management

Social Media Profiles & Engagement