Corporate Gifts & Give Aways.

Corporate Gifts Suppliers Dubai

REA Advertising is well-known corporate gifts and promotional gifts supplier in Dubai, UAE. As a promotional & corporate gifts supplier in Dubai, we will help you to choose suitable gift items and promotional giveaways for your employees. We offer corporate gifts, custom made award medals, promotional gifts, crystal awards, metal trophies, and wooden trophies for your employees. We have a large collection of crystal awards, metal trophies, and wooden trophies in beautiful designs.

A corporate gift is an excellent method to develop a smooth relationship with employees. Using promotional giveaways and corporate gifts with a company logo is one of the most effective ways to increase brand awareness.

Corporate Gifts Manufacturers and Suppliers

REA Advertising is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of promotional gifts and corporate gifts in Dubai, UAE. We will take orders for corporate gifts in bulk quantities. Corporate gifting in Dubai is one of the best (and perhaps the most underutilized) marketing strategies that a business can deploy to boost brand awareness and establish new relationships. It helps create a touchpoint with clients, employees, or prospects leaving a lasting impression often creating genuine, meaningful, and beneficial connections between the giver and the recipient. Marketing or sales prospecting gifts worked into the customer journey can improve outcomes and forge a connection with the audience, far beyond what can be accomplished with banner ads or emails.

Referral gifts to customers who share your product or service with friends, a small, personalized item to make a connection or thank a new lead for their time, a swag item to strengthen the bond before or after a demo, a welcome package with a branded gift once a buyer closes a first sale or a renewal gift to thank a repeat customer for their continued patronage all play an important role in how the customer or prospect perceives the time you have invested in getting to know them and how showing their patronage has value beyond the bottom line. We at REA Advertising ensure on providing you with the best corporate gifts in Dubai for your clients, partners, and employees.

Making an employee feel welcome or valued is one of the first and most effective techniques to create a long and happy working relationship. Disengaged employees do not put their best foot forward, whether internally or in contact with customers and the outside world. Salary increases aren’t always the best solution. A properly-personalized present can show that you recognize and respect them as individuals as well as hardworking employees. From small businesses to large corporations, we are happy to assist them in developing meaningful partnerships by offering promotional giveaways and corporate gifts in Dubai.

In a competitive market, both small and large businesses use promotional products to reach out to more potential customers at a low cost. This marketing strategy is used by even the most established global players. Promotional products help small businesses, such as startups, reduce their marketing budget while still attracting people’s attention. These expertly crafted corporate gifts will assist you in creating an unforgettable emotional connection with your partners and clients. Gift items with high-quality product packaging and a brand message drive the customer’s interest, entice the recipients and draw their attention to a company’s operations.

When used as part of a well-considered strategy, all of these can help establish critical relationships and become a cost-efficient means to affirm relationships and enhance the personal connection between the company and the recipient.

Crystal Awards & Metal Trophy Design Dubai

We specialize in the creation of unique, handcrafted, custom-designed trophies, awards. Displaying the recognition award clearly for potential customers is a great business decision because it significantly raises confidence in products or services. REA Advertising is a well-known promotional gift suppliers in Dubai that offers skillfully designed corporate gifts that are distinctive, meaningful, and unforgettable. Awards and Trophies play a great part in the branding story. They serve a dual function of recognizing performance and advertising corporate achievements. For business, association, and organization award ceremonies, we have a huge choice of metal trophies, metal trophies, crystal awards, and wooden trophies, etc…

There is always a perfect gift to send, and an optimal way to make all of your sends happen on time, on budget, and with maximum impact, no matter who your recipient is or what occasion you’re celebrating. Talk to us, and we’d be happy to tell you how!! REA Advertising is one of the leading corporate gifts companies in Dubai, has a dedicated team supporting Corporate Gifts in our office. We provide a wide range of corporate gifts and have been regularly featured in trade journals for bringing together creative, unique, award-winning, and innovative options for office giveaways, promotional giveaways, and gifts. We are one of the best promotional gift suppliers in Dubai and hence we promote personalized gifting and work with our customers for gifting ideas for their employees, clients, and vendors. Our team regularly scours the market to identify theme-based gifts, custom-designed awards, and trophies that stand out.

Promotional Gifts Suppliers in Dubai

We are the leading promotional gifts suppliers in Dubai & the UAE. Our company offers products with your logo and name on them, including pens, diaries, USB keys, office supplies, mugs, and drinking bottles. These are great for advertising. You can spread the awareness of your business by distributing items with your business name, logo, and contact information. With our corporate gifts Dubai, your organization will always benefit from our premium quality over time. You can reap handsome dividends over the years and tap into the target audience from closer quarters with a small investment.

REA Advertising provides an incredible opportunity for communication with the supplier; they help build a good relationship with the recipient. Businesses and organizations have relied on promotional giveaways in Dubai to show appreciation for their business for a long time. If used as a part of your general promoting or representative maintenance endeavors, gifting can be extraordinarily profitable regarding ROI and fulfillment. Promotional gifts in Dubai can motivate people who are not yet your clients. Customers are 80% more likely to work with an organization if it offers customized experiences. Corporate gift companies in Dubai provide an overall service to customers.

The corporate gifting companies in Dubai are successful in making brands more visible and generating business. According to studies, limited-time advertising achieves a 51% success rate as a source of inspiration. People use and see your logo repeatedly since they stay with them for quite a long time. Therefore, they have an enduring impact on them. In the end, when they require your services, they are bound to consider you as their first preference. As one of the leading executive Corporate Gift Suppliers in Dubai, we provide luxury Corporate Gifts and Personalized gifts to companies in Dubai.


By offering corporate gifts to your stakeholders, employees, customers, and prospective clients, you improve your company’s image and increase positive perceptions. Choose high-quality & unique corporate gifts in Dubai to convey the right message about your brand to the right audience, which helps to develop a long-lasting impression about your company.

Our corporate gifts suppliers in UAE offer a wide range of unique personalized business gift items such as USB flash drives, power banks, travel wallets, t-shirts & digital clocks for corporate houses in Dubai. Our well-trained & experienced team researches the latest market trends and combines their findings with human emotions. We suggest choosing the right unique gifts for your company from the suppliers of our corporate giveaway in Dubai. You can place online orders for such unique gifts in Dubai anytime.

Corporate Gifts Suppliers Dubai

Range of Corporate Gifts & Give Aways Services that work together to help give your products and brand the distinctive edge:

Technology Accessories

Power Banks/ Chargers

Activity Trackers

USB/IT Gadgets

Automobile/Car Accessories.

Eco-friendly/Sustainable Gifts

Shopping Bags

Travel Bags/Backpacks/Carry bags

Cooler Bags

Laptop Bags


PU Leather Gift sets

Genuine Leather Accessories

Pens/Writing Accessories

Customized Articles/Keepsakes

Crystal Awards and Trophies

Acrylic Awards and Trophies

Wooden and Metal Awards

Plaques and Medals

3D Art

Architectural Edifices