Creativity in Crisis

Adaptability as a human character has been greatly tested as the ongoing pandemic continues to grip the populations around the world without a definitive end in sight. 

Within the four walls to which people were forcibly confined, many have had to seek out new sources of creative inspiration and adapt to searching for other ways to fuel their creative power. While many may regret taking mobility and social interaction for granted, the unfortunate consequence is that we do not have the potential to bring back the world that was. Our power, however, lies in adapting to the world that now is.  

The story in the life of a corporate person is no different. Crises do challenge beliefs- even ardently and long-held ones. The ongoing pandemic dared the best of creative and design people to figure out how best they can channel the constantly changing public moods given the mind-boggling combination of a health emergency, social lockdown, safety protocols, and an economic shock. The primary challenge is to stay in the race, connect with audiences, move forward to sustain business goals, if not increased profits. 

Has there been a depletion of creativity or sometimes a sense of helplessness? In a time of undeniable frustration for many people, it comes as no surprise that those who relied on the freedom of movement and space for their creative outlet were suddenly caught in the crosshairs of their public fear about the state of the world and, more personal fear of creative stagnation. Perhaps, the lack of stimulation did contribute to creativity fatigue, burnouts, and stress over what is out of their control. 

Recovery follows every downturn- the shape, speed, and strength notwithstanding. The vital question for every decision-maker then is: “what are the right and creative tools to equip my business during the downturn and also aid during the phase of recovery?” Cutting brand building and management budgets to remain liquid in the short term may not always be a sound strategy. It might turn out to be a high-risk one. An enterprise invested in creative brand management makes an emotional connection with the consumers and, that contributes in a great measure to aid brand recall and preference.

Does REA Advertising have a template for such creativity, especially when the future still looks uncertain, and there is no sure shot way of predicting how and when the economies will breathe unhindered again? Surely not !! But as a leading creative design company with capabilities in providing end-to-end cost-effective corporate branding solutions to help our clients carry their brand story well, we sure keep the fire from the past work well in the journey forward.

While the world may continue to evolve and change, one thing stays the same. It’s the belief that “Creativity never dies”. Human adaptability relies on human creativity, and it has for centuries allowed generations to survive and adapt to the ever-changing conditions of the world. The current pandemic is just one of those ever-changing conditions and, with time, will also pass, turning what was a temporary creative crisis into a lasting force of creative perseverance.