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Customized Boxes Dubai

Get top-quality customized packaging boxes and customized gift boxes from REA Advertising. We provide premium quality custom printed boxes, customized gift boxes, personalized bags, premium food packaging boxes, and biodegradable packaging for small businesses in Dubai and all over the UAE.

The boxes, bags, and tins you buy things in are the obvious way that packaging and branding come together. And this is equally true when you are trying to create a corporate or promotional giveaway. Packaging and presentation matter here too, especially when they are in tune and consistent with the brand values themselves. Our customized packaging boxes in Dubai are eco-friendly and of premium quality.

what is frequently referred to as ‘the good old days, running a business simply involved coming up with a good idea for a product or service that people wanted? Because you were mostly dealing on a local level, that and a convincing sales pitch was pretty much all you needed.

Given the complexities today, first impressions of a brand are made within 7 seconds and a bland packaging or a gift thoughtlessly given can appear unprofessional or even untrustworthy. Statistics reveal that 40% of the customers tend to share the product packaging photos on social media and 30% base buying decisions on the product packaging services.

Eco Friendly Packaging Dubai

We take pleasure in the extensive range of eco-friendly packaging boxes that we can provide to our consumers. There has been a good shift towards eco-friendly packaging in recent years. Whether you use eco-friendly packaging for economic or environmental reasons, there are numerous advantages to doing so. The most obvious advantage of eco-friendly packaging boxes is that it helps to protect our environment. Biodegradable and recyclable materials are commonly used in eco-friendly packaging for food. Eco-friendly food packaging uses fewer materials, is more sustainable, and uses an environmentally friendly manufacturing and disposal approach.

At the very basic level, branded packaging tells a potential buyer that what you’re selling is somehow unique, that it is only available from you. If it’s not the price that plays the crucial factor, then it’s the branding – either because it’s one we know and trust, or because it looks of a higher quality.

Whether it is your final end product which you are packaging or a gift you want to give away, you can make your brand stand out with icons, text, and colour. In both cases, it adds quality to the product and the brand and helps it to stand apart. By harnessing the power of packaging we help create a unique experience for the customer (or a potential new customer) who will want to share or will never forget the brand story. A customer should know who the company is and what they have to offer from the moment they see the packaging. Talk to us about how your brand can stir up emotions of excitement, joy, delight, or amazement.

We help you create the UNBOXING EXPERIENCE.

Customized Packaging Services

In addition to creating luxury premium gift boxes with high-end finishes, we know the value of gifts and customized boxes. Our most treasured products involve custom printed boxes Dubai and wrappings, whether it’s that special birthday present or the time our father brought home a new TV. Our goal at REA is to create innovative, durable, and attractive paper packaging products that understand the beauty of these simple yet unique products. Premium gift boxes are used for gifts, jewelry, cosmetics, and foodstuffs. We also manufacture a wide range of other products such as paper bags, shopping bags, carrier bags, kraft bags, grocery bags, printed bags, and more.

The secret to our humbling success has been a steadfast dedication to hard work and a bar that never stops rising. Even when things are going smoothly, we strive to improve. We continuously strive to maintain peak performance. As the largest distributor of protective and food packaging products and services in the UAE, we offer sustainable food packaging in Dubai. At every stage of your packaging operation, from stock management to packaging design, we can support you. Our experts can help you to increase efficiency, reduce costs and save time – whilst improving the protection of your products in storage and transit. Our custom printed boxes in Dubai can ensure your customers have a positive experience through the right choice and design of the packaging. We are one of the largest distributors of protective packaging products and services in the UAE. Whether it’s stock management or packaging design, we can assist with all aspects of your packaging operation.

With the help of our experts, you can increase efficiency, save time, and reduce costs while simultaneously improving product protection in storage and transportation. The right choice and design of packaging will also ensure that your customers have a positive experience. Offering the most comprehensive range of eco-friendly food packaging and tableware solutions is our utmost pride. Through modern and innovative manufacturing techniques, we prepare every product from renewable and eco-friendly sources. Our products are manufactured using global standards and pass stringent quality checks, so they are suitable for both domestic and commercial use.

It is of utmost importance to the team at REA Advertising that all those interested in the use of biodegradable packaging in Dubai have easy access to it. Our eco-friendly packaging for food, includes non-plastic disposable foodservice packaging, containers, and tableware. In case you wish to eliminate the use of plastic products in your everyday life, and wish to replace them with biodegradable and environmentally friendly alternatives, be sure to check out our range today!

Our company operates through a network of regional distribution centers. Our product line includes customized boxes, premium food packaging boxes, premium gift boxes, eco-friendly packaging for food, eco-friendly packaging for clothing. We understand that our products protect and display your brand and product image. Our company is equipped with the latest machinery and a dedicated team to ensure that we can deliver the best possible service to all our clients. As time passes, more and more people and businesses have become aware of their impact on the environment. As a result, many have started taking steps to ensure that our sustainable food packaging in Dubai will thrive for decades to come. Switching to biodegradable food containers and packaging is one of the best steps being taken in this regard.

Customized Boxes Dubai

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