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Signage Branding Dubai

We are well-known among the signage companies in Dubai, for our unique services. There are many signage companies and suppliers in Dubai. What helps us stand out against the competition is the range of services we offer and the experience we have had with our various projects. We are both signage manufacturers in Dubai as well as a signage company in Dubai. Our array of work includes Outdoor signage, digital signage, vehicle branding signage, way-finding signage, customized tent signage, indoor signage, and signage flags and banners.



Effective Outdoor and Indoor Signage are great elements of visual communication that allow you to draw attention to your company and further build your brand. In comparison to other forms of marketing, digital signages are cost efficient because they can give you constant exposure, no matter the time of day, and because it can be used on a long term basis. Signage branding in Dubai is one of the popular marketing trends that you can see nowadays.

Signage can direct new customers towards your business who may not have otherwise been able to find you. Maybe you need directional signage that can help people get to your store. Or maybe you want to announce an upcoming event or a sale. Or perhaps you’re looking for a way to persuade people to visit your business.

Consistent branding matters. You want to make sure any signage you develop is consistent with your overall brand. This could include a logo, font choice, tagline, or some other sort of similar visual element.

Signage Advertising Company in Dubai

At REA Advertising, a leading signage advertising company in Dubai, our bespoke outdoor and indoor signage are possible in all shapes, sizes, and styles to suit a diverse mix of environments and requirements. The range of materials available to manufacture signage as per our clients’ specifications helps us provide high-impact, visually appealing spaces.

When you use consistent branding, people will begin to immediately recognize your brand, no matter if they’re looking at your social media or if they’re looking at one of your signs. While your marketing materials don’t need to look identical, there should be some sort of common element(s) that tie everything together.

In today’s business scenario, it is extremely important to stand out from the crowd and an attractive public image is the high-end first impression. Whether you require a single sign at the entrance of your business or multiple directional signs scattered strategically across a huge campus or facility we are here to help. We work with schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, museums, and corporate head offices to provide them with cost-effective signage solutions.


Signage Manufacturers in Dubai

REA is a well-known brand for providing its clients with high-quality office signs, factory signs, custom flags, restaurant signs, vehicle branding, customized tent signs, and much more. We provide designed custom logos, letters, and signs for indoor and outdoor signs according to the client’s needs. REA Advertising will be your best choice if you require a 3D signboard in Dubai for your office or store. We always provide our customers with high-quality signage by using materials such as aluminum and stainless steel. Being, one of the pioneer signage suppliers in Dubai, we provide eye-catching 3D and 2D signs that will add an extra touch to your brand. Our signage supplier in Dubai offers a variety of applications.

REA Advertising offers signs for small, medium, and large businesses, as we manufacture vinyl signs, acrylic signs, fiber signs, wood signs, stainless steel signs, and other signs according to customer needs. We make sure to provide our clients with signs, logos, letters designed and converted into 2D -3D signs, outdoor signage flags, signage flags banners according to your requirements. Our signage and vinyl cutting services in Dubai help you achieve your perfect branding. In UAE, printing is a popular method used by business owners to build their image. Comparatively to other mediums, a printed word in advertising can be highly informative. Businesses can better target and place their ads through print. One page magazine or newspaper ads are sufficient for small businesses to explain the features and benefits of their products. Businesses require quality printed products and, finding the best printing method is a tedious task for them. Our advertising company in Dubai helps businesses choose the best type of printing based on their requirements. We provide various types of printing like surface printing, screen printing, digital printing, offset printing, and more.

Our wide range of Designing and Printing services makes us stand out in the industry. We can help you represent your business with professionalism and build your presence. Giving away promotional products is the best way for a company to gain immediate attention. Keeping up with current trends, our signage supplier in Dubai focuses on providing promotional gifts products that you can confidently hand out at expos, seminars, and conventions or use at trade shows as giveaways or fundraising items.
We at REA Advertising create giveaways and promotional products for your clients that make you memorable. By using our services, we help you build a professional reputation by making your presence apparent. Moreover, with an experienced team of signage manufacturers, a quality check is performed at every stage – from start to finish – to ensure quality. And the result is a low rejection rate with an impeccable output.

Signage Branding Dubai

Range of Signages, Kiosks & Stands Services that work together to help give your products and brand the distinctive edge:

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