Sustainability in Brand Management

Ecofriendly, green, carbon-neutral – these are increasingly becoming popular in the minds of consumers. Be it the talk of pollution of our oceans and seas, undeterred exploitation of natural resources, or animal habitats, we have become more conscious of the effects that humans have on the natural world. If “Re-engineering” and “Just in time” were the drivers in the ’80s, “Sustainability” seems to be the new way of doing business today.

Sustainability is when the present needs are met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Large sums of money are invested in the development of brands. The concept of sustainability in the field of brand management goes beyond the simple bottom-line calculations and is looked upon as a CSR showcasing effort which allows the brand to be seen as strong in other values, such as environmental impact and ethical supply chains, etc.

Corporate Branding builds the bridge that connects you to your customers. It helps shape how they view your company and its values, and it’s how they differentiate you from your competitors. Oftentimes what people are buying into is the value they perceive in brand identity, rather than simply your product. So, with eco-issues at the core of consumers’ minds, it’s no surprise that sustainable branding has taken on much greater importance.

Consumers no longer find joy in simply buying a product and forgetting about it. The 24×7 digital media and marketing platform, lets the world stay connected to what their favorite brands are doing. Unfavorable actions even by reputed brands tend to get punished. This paradigm shift, therefore, is inspiration enough for most brands to become sustainable in everything they do, be it sourcing eco-friendly materials or paying fair wages to recycling materials and reducing waste.

What differentiates your brand from the rest of them out there? It is quite probable that your answer echoes with the rest. But to stay valid and real with so many similar competitors, you need to present a case of being truly unique to enrich your brand and make your products or services more desirable. Sustainable marketing and eco-friendly products and initiatives are great ways to attract more customers. A key target group for most marketing call-to-action creatives is the millennials. Offering the right incentives and the brand image tends to keep the desirability quotient and customer engagement/ satisfaction high.

A sustainable marketing strategy reinforced over time through marketing channels such as product catalogs, newsletters, email, marketing brochures, instore graphics, infographics, not only increases the companies’ brand value but also guarantees a long life for the business. Packaging Solutions and Corporate Gifts and Giveaways too would need to become relevant in this scenario, as these too influence buying decisions with distinct possibilities of repeated purchasing.

There is tremendous awareness among most leading companies about how sustainability issues affect their businesses, and the challenge is to incorporate real sustainable behavior in everything a company does. To become engines towards a more sustainable world, brands should strive to be ahead of the market, by causing a positive influence on the environment and communities, creating and promoting ecofriendly, green, sustainable products in all places and occasions. Hopefully, today’s best sustainability practices and strategies will be standards for tomorrow promoting long-term benefits for businesses and generations to come.

It is quite probable that you are already running a sustainable business or are looking at how you can do your bit for the planet. REA Advertising is focused on helping brands looking for eco-friendly and sustainable marketing products, with our range of eco promotional gifts and products. We could also assist you with our promotional product solutions to market your business, showcasing your sustainability efforts.